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The Net

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Namchulwoo is a poor fisherman living a simple but happy life with his wife and daughter on the north side of a river that divide s the two Korea’s. Every day he goes fishing on the river,where the check point soldiers know him well and trust him not to cross the invisible border in the water.but one day his fishing net gets caught in the boat engine,and Nam cannot stop him self from drifting into the south.

A North Korean fisherman breaks his boat engine by accident and drifts down to South Korea. After enduring brutal investigations in the South, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea. Before leaving South Korea, he notices the dark side of its society contrasting with its “developed” image. There, he realizes that.

Everything seems as another typical morning in the daily routine of Nam Chul-woo, a poor North Korean fisherman of a wife and a little daughter, who struggles to make a living just a hair’s breadth away from the border of South Korea. Today, as usual, Nam Chul-woo after rising up early in the morning and having a hasty breakfast, he will lovingly say goodbye to his family, leaving his weathered shack to set off for another day’s hard work pulling in his net with his only fortune: his tiny old boat. Unfortunately, while working this morning, his net will get caught up in the engine’s propeller, moreover, a silent current, in complete disrespect of man’s imaginary border lines, will drift the feeble and small vessel, straying the hapless toiler further and further into the South Korean waters. When Nam Chul-woo is picked up by the border guards and taken to Seoul for interrogation, a Kafkian nightmare will begin as a merciless trap is insidiously weaving around a man who is considered by the North as a traitorous defector, while for the South, he is a dangerous espionage agent. Is Nam Chul-woo’s idealism going to imperil his only family which is now left at the State’s mercy?

Written by Nick Riganas

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