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The Best Man

RGenre: Comedy, Drama, lk21
Quality: Year: Duration: 120 MinView: 369 views
35 votes, average 6.9 out of 10

Harper’s autobiographical novel is almost out, his girlfriend Robin desires commitment, and he’s best man at the wedding of Lance, a pro athlete. He goes to New York early (Robin will come for the wedding) to hang out with Lance and other friends, including Jordan, his former almost-lover, now in media and privy to an advance copy of the book. The men discuss women, never facing their own double standard; Jordan wants to try again with Harper, at least for one night; and Harper fears that Lance will read his book and learn that the bride-to-be slept with him once to avenge Lance’s many affairs. Can Harper mature before Lance kills him, Jordan seduces him, and he loses Robin?

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Budget:$ 9.000.000,00
Revenue:$ 34.573.780,00