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Genre: Comedy, Horror, lk21
Quality: Year: Duration: 87 MinView: 302 views
62 votes, average 4.9 out of 10

Mrs. Perch, an elderly, wealthy lady from rural America, is throwing a fancy garden party at her remote country villa. Same procedure as every year – except this time her illegally imported plant fertilizer seeps into the ground. Subsequently, a local species of killer wasps that usually lay their eggs into other insects mutates into 7 ft tall predators. And the celebrating upper class company provides just the right kind of prey. It’s up to Paul and Julia, the two catering staffers, to stop the creatures, fight for their lives, and incidentally getting their stumbling romance in order. Written by Benjamin Munz

Tagline:Get inside, get away, just don’t get stung
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Budget:$ 2.500.000,00