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Santa’s Summer House

NRGenre: Family, lk21
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A dense fog falls over Southern California, sending a group of discontent vacationers to a mysterious island occupied by a jolly old soul whose Christmas magic works all year round. Before this trip is over, each of the weary travelers learn to see their lives through a more optimistic lens. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
90s Action Stars stumble onto Santa’s Summer Beach house!

A group of six lost tourists and their van driver find their way to an elegant hilltop mansion where they are invited to stay for the weekend by an eccentric and overly cheerful middle-aged couple who introduce themselves as Nanna and Pop. They soon reveal themselves as the actual Santa Claus and his wife whom spend their summers away from the North Pole at their summer house in southern California. Everyone, except for teenager Andy, who is dealing with his bickering and workaholic parents, Dean and Sadie, is skeptic to Nanna and Pop’s claims. During the weekend, Nanna and Pop try to open up their guests to brightness and positively to better their lives to find the true meaning of happiness. Written by Larry B.

Tagline:Even the toughest actions stars in the world … Have a soft spot in their hearts for Christmas.
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