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Hitler Lives!

Genre: Horror, lk21
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‘HITLER LIVES!’ sets the stage with the escape of Hitler to Antarctica after the end of WWII, however not all goes to plan and Hitler is secured away in a bunker in Adelaide. Dr Mengele has procured a drug of Alien based immortality that will see to the rise of a New World Order. Over time Hitler is forgotten however and left to rot in the bunker as world politic expands into the ‘global government’ and the thousand year reich plan to design the superman and send him to the stars, is replaced with free trade agreements … Left to misery and despair Hitler reads about the world outside from enclosed walls and walks the bunker corridors – waiting for a chance to escape again and renew his quest for the reich – Dr Mengele, from his laboratory in Argentina, has other plans for their longevity and with an ever increasing mental collapse the two must fight it out for intellectual domination .