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Seven strangers are taken out of their daily lives and placed mysteriously in a deadly cube where they all agree they must find their way out.

Six complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.

Six different people, each from a very different walk of life, awaken to find themselves inside a giant cube with thousands of possible rooms. Each has a skill that becomes clear when they must band together to get out: a cop, a math whiz, a building designer, a doctor, an escape master, and a disabled man. Each plays a part in their thrilling quest to find answers as to why they’ve been imprisoned. Written by <[email protected]>

Tagline:Don’t look for a reason… Look for a way out.
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Language:Deutsch, English
Budget:$ 250.000,00
Revenue:$ 501.818,00