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Band of Outsiders

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103 votes, average 7.5 out of 10

A triangle: Franz, Arthur, and Odile. Franz, a young man with Alain Delon good looks, has met Odile in an English class. She lives in Joinville with wealthy benefactors and has mentioned to Franz that Mr. Stolz keeps a pile of 10,000 franc notes unlocked in his room. Franz tells his friend Arthur, a swarthy guy whose shady uncle is pressing him for money. Arthur and Franz, who mimic American movie tough guys, case Odile’s house, pressure her to assist them with a burglary, and make passes at her as well. She’s alternately compliant and distressed. Will they pull off the heist? Written by <[email protected]>
Tagline:A Who-Dunit, Who’s Got-It, Where-Is-It-Now Wild One From That “Breathless” director Jean-Luc Godard!
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Language:English, Français
Budget:$ 120.000,00
Revenue:$ 182.857,00